Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

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If you are responsible for a fleet of automobiles or trucks, there are many variables to consider as you discharge your duties. What kind of vehicles? Are they sedans or heavy duty trucks? How many vehicles? Some fleet maintenance providers are very attentive if you have a large fleet, but not so much if your fleet is smaller. One of the most important decisions you have to make is who will take care of your vehicles?

Fleet maintenance requires a proactive consideration of preventative maintenance. Everyone knows that prevention is less costly than repair, and it’s also much less inconvenient. The rewards and benefits of prevention versus repair are multiplied if you are responsible for more than a few vehicles. Proper fleet maintenance can save your company thousands of dollars every year.

Consider the hassle that results from surprise breakdowns. Not only is your driver thwarted in his profitable endeavors, but other valuable employees are diverted from more profitable pursuits to addressing the vehicle crisis at hand. Many hours and much money is wasted by vehicle breakdowns.

Regularly scheduled fleet maintenance offers many benefits to your company. From a risk management perspective, well maintained vehicles are less likely to increase your company’s liability from costly accidents. Any breakdown diverts members of your team from more profitable pursuits, so prevention is much wiser than repair. A regular maintenance schedule helps with cash flow because you can budget the costs of vehicle upkeep over the course of the year rather than enduring big fluctuations in repair expenses. Repairs and upkeep are streamlined and simplified if you address them systematically across your fleet according to a regular schedule. Finally, peace of mind for your drivers is dramatically increased if they are confident that the vehicles they are driving are in good shape because of regular, routine maintenance.

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