1966 Was A Very Good Year

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What was our world like just fifty years ago in 1966? The Cold War was still very scary. The Vietnam War was escalating. NASA was busy, but we had not yet put a man on the moon. Although pop history tends to emphasize the fringiest elements of the counter-culture, most Americans were hard-working and patriotic, committed to traditional values and alarmed by the news.

Barriers were broken in 1966. Robert Weaver became the first African-American cabinet member when President Lyndon Johnson appointed him to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Bobbi Gibb became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Neil Armstrong and David Scott completed the first docking in space aboard the Gemini 8 spacecraft. Texas Western won the NCAA basketball championship with the help of five African-American student-athletes.

The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series in baseball. The champions of the National Football League were the Green Bay Packers. The Boston Celtics were the National Basketball Association champions, and the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in hockey.

1966 was also the end of an era. Walt Disney died in December while producing The Jungle Book, making that the last animated feature he personally supervised.

“A Man for All Seasons” won the Academy Award for Best Picture. “Bonanza” was the most popular television program. The year opened with Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” at number one on the Billboard pop chart, and it ended with “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees at the top. Popular Christmas and birthday gifts included new toys and games like Twister, Spirograph and Barrel of Monkeys.

United Airlines invited us to “Fly the Friendly Skies.” Burger King urged its customers to “Have it Your Way.” Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise said, “Beam me up, Scotty,” and John Lennon said that the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus.”

1966 was also a banner year for drivers in Brevard County, Florida because that is the year that Cassels Garage opened in West Melbourne. We are a family-owned shop well equipped to provide routine maintenance or do major repairs on your car. We have been serving Brevard County since 1966.