When Should You Wash Your Car?

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When Should You Wash Your Car?

It seems like some people are very aware of the need to wash their car, while others…aren’t. But, have you ever wondered if there are certain times when you really should wash your car?

Depending on who you ask, the answer is going to vary. Sometimes, the answer is obvious if there is mud caked on the exterior of the car. Those type of vehicles obviously needs to be cleaned. But what about the other times throughout the year? And is there really a need to wash your car every single week? All are valid questions that need to be answered.

You know the drill…When it rains, that rain and dirt mixture turn to mud which means a big sloppy mess for the exterior of your car. The good news? Once that forecast shows a sunny day, you can easily get it into the car wash and bring back that shine.

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