The change of seasons is not a big deal in Florida. Residents in Brevard County often need to look at the calendar to remember that we have moved from summer into fall. Yet it is still a good idea to let the changing seasons remind you to look into routine maintenance, particularly parts that call for annual check-ups. Consider these tips from your Melbourne, Florida auto repair shop.

Summer is our big rainy season, but it’s always a good idea to check your tire tread, and it’s especially important to check before driving north for any winter holidays. There is an easy trick for do-it-yourselfers to check tire tread depth using only a penny. Insert the penny, head first, and if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then you have less than 1/16 of an inch of tread. That is not enough for wet driving conditions.

There are a few other parts that should be checked before the end of daylight savings time. If your afternoon commute occurs before dark, you might not even notice a headlight problem until after the time changes. You can get a ticket for driving with one headlight, but more importantly it is not safe to drive that way. It would be better to check your bulbs before the time changes.

Hoses and belts do not usually give advance warning that they are about to fail. That is why it is a good idea to check them routinely and replace them before they let you down. Have them checked to ensure that the fittings are tight and the belts are not overly worn.

A yearly radiator flush is a relatively inexpensive safeguard against radiator repairs. The coolant in your radiator will break down over time and cause corrosion inside your radiator. The end results can include problems with your cooling system and costly radiator repairs. A wise strategy would be to prevent such unwelcome surprises by having your radiator flushed yearly.