Going Extra Miles and Miles

Here’s a week in the life of Cassel’s Automotive. As you read this story, try to imagine getting this level of attention from any dealer that sells and services cars.

A customer came home from a trip and brought his truck into the shop because it had bucked and jerked intermittently while pulling his “fifth wheel” camper trailer. During a scheduled appointment, the technicians at Cassels Garage checked the fuel and computer systems and test drove the truck about forty miles, but found nothing.

A few days later, the customer returned with his truck and trailer, and a Cassels technician took his scan tool and went on a three-hour ride. The truck bucked a little, but the scan tool showed nothing. The technician thought it might be an electrical problem, so the customer dropped off his trailer and brought the truck in to have the grounds on the wiring harness cleaned.

The customer attached his trailer and tested the truck himself. After about thirty miles, the truck bucked and the engine died, so the customer had it towed back to Cassels. The customer believed the problem to be in the fuel system, so he asked the shop to pull the fuel tank and check the fuel system. After that repair and a sixty mile test drive, the truck seemed fine, but it was not right yet.

Next the manager and technician from Cassels took the truck and trailer on a test drive, and it happened again. The truck bucked and the engine died after about twelve miles. The difference this time was that the diagnostic computer identified the problem. The manager’s wife brought a truck to tow the customer’s trailer home, and the shop sent a wrecker to pick up the truck. It turned out that the problem was a connection in the wiring harness. After that repair and another fifty-mile test drive, it seems that the truck and trailer work fine together now.

Of course the customer is grateful that the problem is solved and for the level of individual attention he received from Cassels Garage. Now he is ready for his next road trip to Missouri.

Whether you need routine maintenance or major auto repairs, leave it to the experienced and qualified mechanics at Cassels Garage to get the job done right for you.