Now that Labor Day has passed, we are unofficially in the fall season, even though it still feels very much summer here in Brevard County. To most of us, Labor Day is a just holiday that gives us a three-day weekend, with a much-needed break from work or school. We take advantage of this free day and usually plan trips or fun activities that we don’t normally have time to do. Despite celebrating it every year, not everyone knows the history and meaning behind Labor Day.

Labor Day was first celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York City, a huge industrial center at the time. During this period, America had an industrial economy that was predominantly based on manufacturing. However, many factory laborers worked in poor working conditions, and worked very long hours. As a result of this, labor unions began to form across the country to fight for the rights of workers. One of these groups marched in a parade in New York City that is now regarded as the first Labor Day, and this tradition gradually spread across the country until 1894, when a federal act recognized Labor Day as a national holiday in the US. Although the founder of the holiday remains a mystery, the purpose of the holiday remains clear: to celebrate the hard work and perseverance of American workers.

American automobile workers are a perfect example of the type of laborer that Labor Day honors. The industry has been a huge source of American manufacturing jobs, from the time when cars began to be mass-produced to today. And it’s not just factory workers who deserve to be celebrated, but also mechanics and repair shop workers who work hard make sure that our cars are functioning properly and safe to drive.

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