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In the middle of the last century, tinkering with the family automobile in the garage or under a shady tree was a routinely wholesome father and son activity. This was a common sight fifty years ago, but it seems rare today. Part of the reason is that sons had not developed addictions to video games yet, but another reason is that vehicle engines are more complicated now. This new reality can be frustrating to handy do-it-yourselfers who enjoy tinkering with their own equipment, but when you factor in the opportunity costs of other ways you could be spending your time and energy, fewer vehicle owners are finding it practical to do their own repairs.

The post-World War II American automotive industry was dominated by the Big Three automobile manufacturers. Each manufacturer highlighted differences, but the engines shared a similar basic structure. During the Carter Administration in the 1970’s, the first energy crisis led to skyrocketing fuel costs, and gasoline prices reached a dollar per gallon. Outraged consumers turned to foreign automobile manufacturers for smaller, more fuel-efficient options. That is when do-it-yourselfers first discovered major challenges with performing maintenance that had been routine a decade before.

The problem has just gotten worse for home tinkerers as automobile electronics have become increasingly computerized. Nowadays expensive diagnostic equipment is often needed to diagnose your engine’s trouble. The investment in such equipment only makes sense if you are in the business of repairing vehicles.

These days it often makes more sense for automobile owners to spend their time and energy on the things they are really good at, and leave the vehicle repairs to experts. Then the important decision is finding a mechanic you can trust. Vehicle owners on the Space Coast have learned to trust the automobile repair professionals at Cassels Garage in West Melbourne, Florida.

At Cassels Garage in West Melbourne, we are ready to help keep your cars in good working condition. We are a family-owned shop well equipped to provide routine maintenance or do major repairs on your car. We have been serving Brevard County since 1966.