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Say your car is in need of some serious work. When choosing a garage to service your car in Melbourne, FL there are quite a few places to choose from. We at Cassels Garage understand that this decision can be a stressful one for some. Stress no more, because we are here to help clear up any questions you may be pondering. You may be wondering if you should pay a big dealership garage or if going to a family-owned garage would be a better fit. We want to help you out with this decision. We are here to help you understand why servicing your car with us would be a great decision.

We are honest with our pricing

Unlike some bigger garages, we give our customers the best bang for their buck. We don’t try to overcharge for unnecessary things. We are upfront with our customers from the beginning about the work that will need to be done. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best service while also keeping their best interest at heart. When we work on your vehicle, you know what you are getting, no question about it.

We treat our customers like family

It is a family affair here. Cassels Garage has been a family-owned and operated garage for over 40 years. It is important to us that every customer leaves our garage feeling overjoyed with the service they received. We do this by treating every guest like they are part of this family, and in a way, they are. Unlike the bigger garages and dealership service centers, we get to know our customers and their needs. As we’ve said, we have been in Brevard County for 40 years and are nothing but proud of the work we have accomplished. We want our customers to continue to come back time after time, so we treat them with the best service out there.