Tires: It’s How We Roll

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Tires: It's How We Roll

Usually we don’t think about the tires on our vehicle until they need to be replaced or there is a problem. This goes along with one of our previous blogs regarding forming a relationship with your car, which includes reading the manual. Picture this: While driving the other day, a mysterious light appeared on my dashboard looking very similar to this: ( ! ). Had I familiarized myself with the warning lights and meanings and with the information provided in the manual stashed away in the glove box, I would not have been so confused, uniformed, and nervous. Let’s take a look at some tire issues and why it is important to maintain and care for your car tires. Of course, if an issue should arise, Cassels Garage is a full service automotive repair shop for all makes and models. We focus on affordable rates and quality auto repair which includes tire service.

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