Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Fall is here and we can already smell pumpkin spice everything filling the air here in Melbourne, FL. Soon the pumpkins, gourds, and ghosts will be on every corner and we couldn’t be more excited. Lucky for us in Brevard County, fall provides us not with just great scents, but also the opportunities for many family fun activities. This week we put together a list of some fun family ideas for activities you and your whole family might enjoy!

Pumpkin patch fun

One of the best parts of autumn is all of the pumpkin patches that pop up here in Brevard County and surrounding areas. Most times, these pumpkin patches offer something for people of all ages. Whether you and the kids want to choose the perfect pumpkin or enjoy some sweet fall treats surrounded by fall decor, pumpkin patches provide a great family filled day.

Family bike rides or evening walks

Here in sunny Florida, our weather allows us to enjoy the summer sun a bit longer than a lot of other areas in our nation. Why not take advantage of this and wrangle the family up for a weekly evening bike ride or walk? This is a great way to get your family away from the screens and out of the house being active. It’s also the perfect way to get some quality time with your loved ones while winding down for the night. It doesn’t have to consume much time, but if we have this amazing fall weather, why not enjoy it with your loved ones?

Caramel apple cooking

Caramel apples are a staple of fall family foods. They are also usually pretty easy to create. It is also a great activity that you and the kids can do together. You can get the apples, and then let them each decorate their own. Not only will this provide them with something to do with their hands, but they can also eat their treats afterward. It’s a win for the whole family!

Halloween movie night

Hop in the car, head to a grocery store with a Redbox, and stock up on yummy fall treats you can enjoy with the caramel apples you just created, Then, snuggle up on the couch and enjoy a family Halloween marathon. Don’t want to spend any extra money on movies? You can see if any of your favorite TV channels have any movie marathons on the schedule. There are usually at least a few stations that have them closer to the 31st of October, and they are usually movies for all ages.

Pumpkin carving/decorating

Remember that perfect pumpkin you picked on your adventure at the pumpkin patch? Now you and your little ones can decorate them! The kids can choose to carve a design or paint a fun scene on their pumpkins. The possibilities of imagination are endless.

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