Protecting Your Car From Pets

This one goes out to the pet parents out there. We love to see you out and about with your furry friends!

Let’s face it: we love our pets sometimes more than we like some people out there. We love our pets and they love us (or least we think they do) but we don’t love them messing up our car. Their hair goes EVERYWHERE, they can be a cute distraction while we drive, and they can sometimes be prone to accidents (the yellow kind if you know what we mean). We want to keep both our pets and our vehicle safe when transporting the furry cargo, so we at Cassels Garage have put together a list of ways to protect both your pet and your vehicle. Read on for furry friend fun!

Pet Seat Cover

This is essential! Protect your seats from the free fur and any accidents they might have. It also keeps your pets from being too curious as to what is on the floor of your car at any given time. They can still feel free to roam but without you having to keep checking to make sure they aren’t getting in trouble while you’re watching the road. We recommend a waterproof one for obvious reasons.

Dog Seatbelt

Now if you want to take it a step further by securing them in, it might be a good idea to invest in a pet car seat. There are many models out there to choose from so do your research. Some might not be the correct style for your pet so look around!


If you have a nervous rider or are going to be driving for a long time, a kennel might be just right for your pet! Depending on the build of your vehicle, you might have to find a kennel that fits in your back seat. This is usually a good idea if you have a pet who gets anxious when riding in a car or if they tend to get car sick (yes that is a thing for animals too) or if they just can’t be trusted to stay put safely.

Whichever option you choose, we are just glad you are considering any. And there are definitely many other options out there that might fit your vehicle’s and your pet’s needs better, so we suggest you hit the Internet and do some more in-depth searching.

Mostly we just want you, your vehicle and your pet to feel safe and secure every time you hit the road. Cassels Garage is here whenever you need service for your vehicle. We are a family owned an operated business that has proudly served the people (and fur people) since 1966. We hope to continue to serve you for many more to come. Give us a call today or schedule your next oil change or auto repair appointment now!