School is out for summer, and now it is time for the family road trip, one of our favorite American pastimes. Here at Cassels Garage, we have seen an upswing in Brevard County residents prepping their vehicles for the road ahead. Are you one of the many folks getting ready to hit the road? If so, here are a few simple but often overlooked tips from a veteran road tripper.
First, remember that competition is good for the customer.

Try to avoid stopping for gas at an exit that has only one gas station. You and your family are likely to much prefer your experience if you choose a gas station that has several neighbors and plenty of competition. The prices will be better, the bathrooms will be cleaner, and the overall experience will be much more enjoyable.

Secondly, remember that it is not healthy to remain sedentary for hours at a time. Kids get restless, and adults develop blood clots. On international flights, passengers are offered examples that describe exercises that can be done from an airplane seat. Obviously this is not aerobic training, but rather exercises designed to stretch your muscles and to keep your blood flowing. It is easy to adapt a few of these for automobile occupants. For example, it is possible to do an effective abdominal crunch from a sitting position.

Finally, remember that your attitude is all important. Try telling yourself that for vacation starts when you pull out of your driveway rather than when you arrive at your destination. If the trip there is torturous on the family, it will be harder to relax and enjoy yourselves once you get there. Why not plan a short stop along the way so that everyone knows that it’s vacation already. Of course this advice is much easier to accept if you have more than one driver in the car.

Nothing ruins a road trip quite like car trouble, so be sure to get your vehicle checked out before you go. At Cassels Garage in West Melbourne, we are ready to help keep your cars in good working condition. We are a family-owned shop well equipped to provide routine maintenance or do major repairs on your car. We have been serving Brevard County since 1966.