The month of March is here! At Cassels Garage we are amazed at how fast the first two months of 2018 have zoomed past. March is here and along with it comes the spring break season here in Melbourne, FL. We know that spring break is a fun time for college students and families of all sizes to hit the roads and explore our amazing country. So, we thought it might be fun and helpful to do a “Spring Break Series” where we cover everything from car prep to the ultimate road trip mix tape. For the month of March stay up to date on all of our tips and tricks, to not only make sure you have the best spring break ever but also make sure your car can get you there.

To begin our Spring Break Series we thought we would first start with a couple of things you should do prepare your car for your journey. We know that a lot of prep goes into what you are packing for clothing, what food you are bringing along, where you might be staying along the way and more. We also know that some people don’t always remember to check to make sure their car is up to the challenge. Read on for some ways you can prepare your vehicle for the best spring break ever.

Tip 1:

We cannot stress enough the importance of regular vehicle maintenance. We would say that the first step to any successful road trip would be to bring your car to us at Cassels Garage. This way we can check everything and make sure that you are all set to hit the open roads. This will also give you a bit of peace of mind if you are a little nervous about your car or vehicle on this journey. There is nothing worse than having your amazing plans ruined by your vehicle acting up. Avoid this by being proactive with your car’s maintenance.

Tip 2:

Now, this tip might seem a bit silly, but we would recommend you print out an actual copy of the directions to your destination. We understand how easy it is to just use the maps app on your phone but hear us out. Maps on your mobile device aren’t always the most reliable. They can glitch or lose service or just totally mess up. We would still recommend you use your mobile maps, but we would also recommend you follow along on your printed out directions to make sure that you make it to where you need to be.

Tip 3:

Again, this might sound silly but plan out where the gas stations are along your route. Don’t let your tank get hungry! Determining where the gas stations are along your journey allows you to keep that tank full at all times. You won’t have to worry about running out of gas before you can make it to the next station.

We hope you found our first set of tips for our Spring Break Series helpful! We at Cassels Garage want everyone hitting the roads for spring break 2018 to have a safe and joyful journey, so come see us today to get your vehicle ready for your travels. Stay tuned for the rest of the Spring Break Series on our blog.