Rainy Days

With the kids back in school, the weekends are time for fun! But, Brevard County has its fair share of rainy days. So, what do you do when you are stuck indoors keeping dry? The kids will probably quickly reach for their phones and iPads to seek entertainment. Well, let us help you get them off their phones for a day. Cassels Garage of Melbourne, FL doesn’t just provide wonderful service for your vehicles, this week we are here to help our customers and readers keep the rainy day blues away with some fun activities that you don’t need a phone on to enjoy! Here are a few ways to do just that.

Movie Marathon

Break out the popcorns and snack, queue up your favorite movies, and have yourself a nice movie marathon. Have a favorite TV series? Spend the day working through it! Snuggle on up with a blanket and the kids and enjoy. They will forget all about the rain that is pouring outside. If anything, that rain can add to your movie day mood lighting.

Build a Fort

Snag some sheets, pillows, and books, and head to a room where you can easily move the furniture. Let the kids explore their creative side while they build their dream “home.” They can even build a fort and then have that movie marathon we just talked about if they want to! The point is that they enjoy themselves. Bonus tip: grab some twinkle lights to decorate inside of the fort.

Board Games

Old school, we know, but that is why they are so fun! Get the kids interacting face to face again. Monopoly, Life, Uno, Connect Four, Clue and so, so many others! Take your pick. Don’t have any board games? Use the opportunity to make your own!

Hide and Seek

Let’s bring back this classic childhood game! Let the kids take turns hiding and seeking. Challenge them to think outside the box when it comes to spots that they can hide. Want to put a twist on the game? Add in some flashlights, turn off all the lights and play hide and seek in the dark.

Cooking Class

Grab your pots, pans, cookbooks, and aprons and get to baking! The kids will love the hands-on tasks as well as that special time with their parent. And then you’ll also have food to snack on while you do any of the other activities suggested above!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. And should you find the time on a rainy day, bring your vehicle on over to us! We are a full service, family owned and operated garage right here in the heart of Melbourne. We’d be happy to repair your vehicle or give your car some maintenance like an oil change or tire rotation. Come see us today!