3 Simple Reasons to Find a Mechanic You Trust

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Mechanic at work in his garage

How many times have you been driving down the road and suddenly realized that your check engine light was on in your car? It’s one of those things that can sneak up on you if you’re not careful…and when it happens, you need to have a plan. The bottom line? It’s important to find a mechanic that you trust.

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Common Habits of Good Drivers

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Common Habits of Good Drivers

In life, it is important to constantly try to improve in all areas. So, this week we thought we would talk about some common habits that “good” drivers usually have. Take a peek and see if you can apply any of these suggestions to your driving habits. Enjoy!

Plan ahead so you never need to rush anywhere.

Rushing can lead to common driver mistakes. Take it easy on your stress levels and your vehicle by making sure you plan ahead so you never have to rush anywhere. This is not only a good driving habit to follow but is generally just a good idea across the board.

Drive a bit slower than you want to through residential neighborhoods.

It may seem like you are just crawling along when you drive through residential areas, but those low-speed limits are set for a reason. Just keep in mind that at any moment a ball could roll out into the street and accompanying it could be a little kid. The general rule of thumb: when driving through a residential area, drive even slower than you think is too slow. And remember that speeding through neighborhoods don’t just put your life in danger but those surrounding you as well.

Always remember to signal, even when you think no one is around.

It may seem silly but always use your turn signals. The other drivers around you can’t read your mind. Even when you think no one is around, it is good practice and you never know. There might be a driver that you can’t see. So, just try to remember to keep using those signals no matter what!

Keep jumper cables in your trunk.

Vehicles have a funny way of not working .when you most need them to. So, be prepared. Pick up some jumper cables, store them in your trunk and should you ever need them, they will be there. You also might need to help someone else out so they are always nice to have around.

Contain road rage, even when you don’t want to.

It can be so hard to contain that anger when someone cuts you off or isn’t following the driving laws but it is very important that we all try to contain ourselves. Just try to let it brush off your shoulders and consciously try not to let it affect your driving. And if a fellow driver is driving recklessly or dangerously please pull over and report it.

Never try to outrun a yellow light- it will always turn red.

Please, just don’t do it. Even when you think you can outrun a yellow light, just slow down and come to a safe stop.

We hope that you found some of these common habits of good drivers useful and easy to apply to your own driving habits. Should you ever need your vehicle serviced here in Brevard County, we at Cassels Garage of Melbourne, FL would love to help you out. Book your appointment for brake checks, vehicle maintenance, or transmission repair online or give us a call today!