Why Should Your Auto Mechanic Inspect a Used Car Before You Buy It?

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car inspection

Wondering how you can get peace of mind before buying that used car? Let the auto mechanics at Cassels Garage take a peek at the car before you decide to buy!

Buying a car, whether it be new or used, isn’t an easy decision. There are a lot of things to think about such as cost, efficiency, the age of the car, etc. that can really make the car buying process a much-dreaded event. The good news? You can rest easy knowing that the experienced car mechanics at Cassels Garage of Melbourne, FL can and will inspect that used car before you decide to buy!

When it comes to having your car inspected, the auto mechanics at Cassels Garage can help! We’ve been in the business since 1966 and are a great resource to help ensure that you’re invested in a strong car for that meets your needs.

Buying a pre-owned car is a major purchase!

Even though you may not be buying “brand new,” buying a used car is still a major purchase! Some used cars may cost more than others, but it’s still your hard-earned money that you’re spending. And when it comes to investing and spending money, you should be able to rest easy knowing that your money is going towards a great car that will last for years to come.

Having auto mechanics put eyes on your car before you buy can save you major dough!

What happens if you decide to buy a used car and it turns out it’s a lemon? That’s a lot of money down the drain, with the end result being that you’re back on the market looking for a different car. One way to avoid that entirely is to take your car to Cassels Garage and let us give it a thorough inspection before you sign on that dotted line.

Checking the engine, the transmission, the brakes, the tire tread, the valves, and all the other compartments of the car can be done in a short amount of time by our car repair garage. Just by taking a little bit of time and having us put look over the vehicle, you’ll feel a huge amount of peace and security in your decision to purchase the car.

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, please let your local car repair shop check it out before you decide to buy. Taking the time to educate yourself on whether or not you’re making a good purchase is super important and easy to do. Simply inform the auto mechanics that you’re trying to decide on whether or not to purchase the car, and let them do the rest! The outcome is that you’ll either be driving home a new (to you) car or you’ll be saving yourself from a giant headache of buying a lemon.

Taking a Road Trip? Check These Things Out on Your Car First

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It’s no secret that road trips are fun, but in order to make certain that your road trip is set and ready for success, there are certain things that you need to check on your car before you go!


No one wants the risk of a breakdown when on the road, so by simply taking the time to double check these simple items on your car can save you a ton of headaches in the future. An even better idea would be to check with the mechanics at Cassel’s Garage! We can get you set and road ready in no time at all!


Items to check on your car before leaving for a road trip:


Tire pressure

Before pulling out of your driveway, check that the tire pressure is where it should be for all of your tires! You don’t want to run the risk of getting a flat tire or worse yet, having one blow on you!


Oil level

When’s the last time that you changed your oil? Always have your oil changed before your trip and check the levels as well. Many engine troubles can be avoided by simply doing oil changes routinely and auto maintenance.


Tail lights

Making certain that your tail lights and blinkers work is key! When traveling down the road, you need to make certain that others can see you and your turn signals as well.


Side mirrors

Did you know that your side mirrors are extremely important? Every time you back up, look to change lanes on the highway or simply need to make a turn, you use your side mirrors. Even the smallest chip or crack could change the view that it gives you so double check that they are in tip-top shape before getting on the road.



Your brakes are one of the most important things, right?! How else do you plan on stopping? Don’t get on the road and then have to worry about your brakes and brake pads. Take your car for a spin and make certain that you feel good when it stops and that you don’t notice any type of shaking or vibrating. If you have any concerns at all, get it to your mechanic before you leave!


These are just a few of the items that you need to double check on your vehicle before hitting the road. The good thing about all of them is that they can be repaired quickly and easily making it super simple for you to continue on with your road trip plans with ease! It’s always better to do the maintenance and upkeep before you get on the road with trusted mechanics at Cassel’s Garage in Melbourne, FL.


Tips for Brevard County Beginner Drivers

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Tips for Brevard County beginner drivers

May is here and soon students will be hitting the roads of Brevard County for the first time. It can be a fun, scary, exhilarating and a nerve-racking time for both new drivers and their parents. Here are some tips to help new Brevard County drivers feel confident behind the wheel and hopefully something to give some nervous parents peace of mind.

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What Will You Accomplish This Summer?

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Vehicle Maintenance Melbourne Florida

Many Americans have become accustomed to the same routine every summer. As the holidays approach, we begin to imagine all of the projects that need our attention and we naively dream that we will get to do most of them. Like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football, we forget how quickly last summer passed. Then Labor Day arrives, and we wonder what happened to all of those weeks that seemed like a long span of time back in the spring.

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Located at The Corner of Family & Community Streets

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Corner of Family & Community Streets

When you wake up in the morning, you never know what the day will bring. An unexpected call from Howard changed a lot of things that day. He had a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, with only 14,000 miles, single owner and it was equipped with an electric wheelchair ramp and lowered floors. Considering we had a 2000 full size Chevy van, extended roof, 98,000 miles and a hydraulic lift, we were thrilled. Upon further investigation, the van was being sold by a son whose father had recently passed away.

That son had been the youth counselor to my disabled daughter as she was growing up, so the idea that she could get and make good use of his father’s van made the sale more tolerable in his sadness. The deal was made and after new tires, a major detailing and paint job, my daughter’s new vehicle was road worthy.

Howard has serviced both families’ cars for many years and his insight and advise on this sale/purchase was invaluable. The subsequent picture says it all because, “that’s how she rolls!”

1966 Was A Very Good Year

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What was our world like just fifty years ago in 1966? The Cold War was still very scary. The Vietnam War was escalating. NASA was busy, but we had not yet put a man on the moon. Although pop history tends to emphasize the fringiest elements of the counter-culture, most Americans were hard-working and patriotic, committed to traditional values and alarmed by the news.

Barriers were broken in 1966. Robert Weaver became the first African-American cabinet member when President Lyndon Johnson appointed him to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Bobbi Gibb became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Neil Armstrong and David Scott completed the first docking in space aboard the Gemini 8 spacecraft. Texas Western won the NCAA basketball championship with the help of five African-American student-athletes.

The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series in baseball. The champions of the National Football League were the Green Bay Packers. The Boston Celtics were the National Basketball Association champions, and the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in hockey.

1966 was also the end of an era. Walt Disney died in December while producing The Jungle Book, making that the last animated feature he personally supervised.

“A Man for All Seasons” won the Academy Award for Best Picture. “Bonanza” was the most popular television program. The year opened with Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” at number one on the Billboard pop chart, and it ended with “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees at the top. Popular Christmas and birthday gifts included new toys and games like Twister, Spirograph and Barrel of Monkeys.

United Airlines invited us to “Fly the Friendly Skies.” Burger King urged its customers to “Have it Your Way.” Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise said, “Beam me up, Scotty,” and John Lennon said that the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus.”

1966 was also a banner year for drivers in Brevard County, Florida because that is the year that Cassels Garage opened in West Melbourne. We are a family-owned shop well equipped to provide routine maintenance or do major repairs on your car. We have been serving Brevard County since 1966.

Fleet Management Strategies for Individual Owners

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Fleet Management Strategies

Managers of vehicle fleets have to adopt efficient strategies in order to properly care for the resources that have been entrusted to them. The advantages of proactive maintenance and the cost of neglect are all magnified if you are responsible for many vehicles. Fleet managers adopt best practices because they are indeed better than the alternatives. Would it make sense for the manager of a family’s fleet of two or three cars to adopt some of the same practices?

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Give Your Car Away?

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Mechanic Brevard County

Here’s an innovative charitable idea right on time for Christmas, or any other time of the year. Next time you upgrade vehicles, why not look for an opportunity to give away the weakest member of your vehicle fleet rather than trade it in? In many families, especially those with teenage or young adult drivers, a vehicle upgrade has a ripple effect of upgrades down the line.

By the time you get down to the vehicle that you no longer want or need, there might not be much left in terms of trade-in value. On the other hand, if there is someone in your church or neighborhood who needs a vehicle, a working set of wheels would represent a major lifestyle improvement.

This is a win-win opportunity without serious loss to the giver. Chances are the vehicle that you are discarding would not produce a big trade-in allowance, so you might reap only slightly lower payments as a result. On the other hand, donating your vehicle to a tax-exempt organization can yield income tax benefits next spring.

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Know Before You Go

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Ken Burns is a world-renowned documentary filmmaker. His historical retrospectives are masterpieces, covering a wide range of topics ranging from the Civil War to baseball to jazz music. Many viewers are familiar with his recent works describing the Prohibition era and World War II, but it is easy to overlook one of his lesser known gems: Horatio’s Drive.

Horatio’s Drive tells the story of Horatio Nelson Jackson’s summer in 1903. The story begins at his club in San Francisco, where Horatio is debating with some of his friends. The automobile was still fairly new on the American scene. Horatio’s friends were convinced that it was a passing fad or a rich man’s playful indulgence, and that it would never catch on. Horatio was quite proud of his new Winton automobile, so he agreed to a wager with his friends over whether he could drive the car from California to New York within ninety days.

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