How to Find the Best Mechanic in Your Area

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Auto mechanics working on car

In need of the best mechanic in your area? Look no further than Cassels Garage in Melbourne, FL!

Finding a good mechanic doesn’t have to be a chore. While you may have had issues in the past finding an auto mechanic you trust, you can be confident knowing that your car is in good hands when you take it to Cassels Garage. From the moment that you arrive, you’ll be treated with respect and open lines of communication.

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3 Signs of Transmission Trouble

Signs of transmission trouble

As any car owner knows, owning a vehicle is not as simple as purchasing it and refilling the gas tank every once in a while. You need to have routine maintenance done to avoid bigger problems from developing. Oil changes, tire rotations, and brake checks are just some of the things you should have done regularly. However, even the most vigilant car care regime cannot always prevent a vehicle from breaking down, especially when it is older.

One of the costliest things that can go wrong with a vehicle is a bad transmission. Here are some signs that your transmission could be on the fritz:

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Independent Garage or Dealership Service Department?

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Independent Garage

On the surface, a dealership service department seems to offer advantages that might not actually exist if you dig a little deeper. Presumably, specializing in a particular make of car would make a mechanic more of an expert for that vehicle, but many dealership customers never actually meet their mechanics. Which Melbourne FL mechanic is working on your car, and how experienced is he?

Most customers never learn the answers to these questions. A typical dealership service department has valets pick up and deliver the vehicles from the intake lane to the shop. The customer interacts with a customer service representative who is simply another salesperson, but one who sells vehicle services rather than new vehicles.

Dealership service departments boast of their training and certifications, but customers usually have no way of knowing who is working on their car and what his training is. It’s quite possible for a highly trained manager to supervise a shop with inexperienced mechanics and a high turnover rate. The dealership customer is usually unaware of conditions in the garage because you drop off your car in the intake lane, speak to a customer service representative at his or her desk and then sit in the waiting room until your car is returned to you.

Old school evaluation techniques are still very useful in choosing a mechanic, but only if you get to meet him. Always beware of a mechanic who won’t look you in the eye or answer direct questions. The pushy speed talker is easy to spot and avoid when you see him. The problem at a typical dealership service department is that your interaction is more likely to be with a customer service representative who is trained in sales rather than a mechanic who is trained in vehicle repairs.

At Cassels Garage in West Melbourne, Florida, the certifications you see on display belong to the mechanics you will also see. You will know his name, and he will learn yours. You will not be surprised by labor rates or maintenance schedules that suit their needs more than yours. Whether you need routine maintenance or major repairs, a trusted name on the Space Coast is Cassels Garage. Family owned and operated, Cassels Garage has been serving drivers in Brevard County since 1966.